Musica Amata

my teachers


Michael Birman


Honoured Artist of Russian Federation

Concert Pianist

General Manager of Tyumen Philharmonic Society


Michael Birman was born in 1950 in Simferopol. He studied in the Ural State Conservatoire in Ekaterinburg (former name Sverdlovsk)- Russia with Isaak Zetel (a student of Heinrih Neuhaus) and graduated with Masters Degree in Piano Performing and Teaching in 1974. Since 1974 he successfuly  combined teaching piano in Tyumen Art College with his career of Concert Pianist and accompanist. In 1992 he became a director of  regional company "Tyumen Concert" and in 1996- General Manager of Tyumen Philharmonic Society.


Boris Krein

My biography is  typical of the Soviet System of Music Education. I went through all of the stages- music school, college, conservatiore and post graduate Studies of Piano Performing and Teaching. All these stages were passed in the Russian city of Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod). This is a city of rich tradition with Music and performing arts.


I was very lucky to have two wonderful teachers. From the very early age till I graduated Gorky Conservatiore with Masters Degree in Piano performing I was also a student of Sofia Polyakova who graduated from Moscow Conservatoire with Professor G.Ginsburg who in his turn was a favourite student of A. Goldenveiser.


My PhD studies in Piano Performing were done with the world famous musician and pianist Berta Marantz who studied in Moscow Conservatoire with Heinrih Neuhaus. Thus I became familiar with the Moscow Music School which is one of the world leaders.


In 50's and 60's when I studied in the city of Gorky, we had a very intensive music life where we attended concerts by famous musicians, and chamber music concerts. We took part in numerous festivals and competitions. This gave me the incentive to progress and contributed to my musicianship.


I have worked in different stages of musical education over the years- in music school, college and conservatiore, which has given me invaluable teaching experience with different level students. Besides teaching I am interested in performing and I have performed on many occasions as a recitalist and, to date, still like solo performing. The Seasons by Tchaikovsky, 26th Beethoven's sonata, 6 Tales by Medtner, 11th Intermezzo by Brahms - these are among the last pieces I have being playing.  


Some of my students are laureates of different competitions, some of them work in concervatoires, colleges and music schools. Some of their students are laureates of competitions in their turn. This continuation makes me happy- the work with students fascinates me and I would like the opportunity to work with them more.

piano Accompaniment

Irina Skorobogatova

 Honoured Member of Culture of Russian Federation

I was born in Ekaterinburg on 29 April 1946. My father, Anatoliy Postovalov, was a lawyer. My mother, Nina Postovalova, was a doctor roentgenologist. Everything was pretty ordinary - consisting of school and music school (my favourite teachers were Ekaterina Safonova and Marianna Kolosova). I attended the music college when I was 16 where I had to make a choice between Maths and Music. Apart from that I was involved in a figure skating programme - Master’s of Sport.

I chose Music and went to study Piano at the Tchaikovsky College. After graduating from the College I went to the Ural State Conservatoire, named after M Mussorgsky, where I studied with Isaak Zusmanovich Zetel (a former student of Neuhaus) and Irina Viktorovna Meltzer. Both of them live in Germany at the present time.

"While trying to obtain the unattainable, we are achieving the possible." - was the motto for creative determination at Neuhaus’s School. This was the motto of my teachers’ and it is mine too.

The career and honours were never important to me for I am a happy woman with a grown up family and a job I love with music and students who share the same love for music.

I became an Honoured Member of Culture of the Russian Federation in 1993. I have had more than 70 students who graduated as Pianists. Many of them went on to graduate from Universities and Conservatoires, not only in Russia, but in Germany and Israel too. Some of them became laureates of international and regional competitions - but that is not the most important thing. For me, it is the work with my students, the close personal contact with them, being able to help them to discover their creative potential and guiding them to find their way in life. I try to keep in touch with all of my students and this is what makes my life happy and complete.

History of music and styles

Elena Moshkina

Honoured Teacher of the Russian Federation


Elena Moshkina was born 25 January 1949 and graduated from Tyumen Art College in 1970 after specialising in the Theory of Music. 

Since graduating she has worked at Tyumen Art College where she teaches Theoretical Music Disciplines and is also Chairlady of the Theory of Music Board of the College. At present she is also involved in setting up the College's Museum.

Elena Moshkina teaches the History of West European and Russian Styles of Music, Twentieth Century Music, and the  Methodology of History Teaching the History of Music at Music Schools. She also directs and guides teaching practice for students at the College.

 Moshkina's pedagogical style is marked by her encyclopedic knowledge - omniscient in the sphere of different types of art. She is also famous for her artistic manner of teaching and creative application of modern teaching methods. She is a very patient but demanding teacher and was Chairlady of Tyumen's Culture Committee's Association of Teachers of the History of Styles of Music Methodology for more than 20 years. During this time she did a great deal to improve teaching methods and organised History of music City Competitions. Most of the History of Music teachers in this huge Siberian city are her former Students. She also conducted lectures on music in many schools, hospitals, military units and in Regional Institute for Advanced Training and she has regularly been an ajudicator of City History of Music Competitions.


Many of her Students have graduated from prestigious universities and conservatoires and have succesfull teaching and performing careers of their own.


Some of her Students such as N. Gruzinceva, (graduated 1976), N. Malahova (graduated 1988), Z. Panova (graduated 1985),  A. Demchenko (graduated 1988), L. Tashtamirova (graduated 1989) are involved in scholar research in Music and Arts.


E. Filimonova succesfully performs baroc music on historical instruments in Russia and abroad as a member of "Musica Viva".

Many of her former students work in different countries - USA, England, France, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria.


Elena Moshkina's credo is "I'd better know a little bit of everything first (dilletantizm) and then everything about something (professionalizm)"

music theory and aural training

Tatyana Pankova

 Honoured Teacher of the Russian Federation


Tatyana Pankova was born in 1951. She graduated from  Ural State Conservatoire where specialised in Musicology and began her teaching career in the City of Tyumen. 


She has been Chairlady of Music Theoretical Disciplins Board since 1978 and an Aural Training Section Chairlady of the City Association of Theory of Music teachers for the last 10 years. She regularly holds Master Classes and Practical Seminars in the Regional Institute of Advanced Training in the city and all The Tymen Region.


Tatyana Pankova set up and organised the traditional Aural Training Competition in the city and she is its main impartial and objective ajudicator.    


Mrs Pankova pays special attention to the integrated development of the Musical hearing and she develops the students' aural skills according to their specialisation. She regards the Theoretical Music Disciplines as an important part of the Music Education. The whole theoretical block of subjects - Aural training, Theory of Music, History of Music and Music Styles - gives the students a stable professional background helping them a lot in their music careers.

Tatyana Pankova conducts lessons of integral type which allow the students find their professional potential in the synthesis of intersubject connections.

 Furter plans include doing more about enhancing the connection between the three important links in Russian traditional music education- School, Colledge and Concervatoire to preserve its best traditions.

history of art and aEsthetics

Tatyana Bykova

Honoured Teacher of the Russian Federation

It is not easy to write about my life as the outline of my life is simple, to describe but my inner life is very different- it would take a long time...

I was born in the capital of Siberia- the city of Tobolsk. There i finished the Grammar School N1(former Mariinskaya gymnasium) with a Golden Medal. This circumstances helped me to open the doors of Historical Faculty of Sankt-Petersburg University (former Leningrad University) in 1969 which was not the easyest place to go to study.

I was a student at this university in the begining of 70 ies. This time is known in the history of USSR as the time of stagnation however I recall that time as the time of growing as a person and finding friends -so sincere that the memories about them still warm up my heart.

All the shortcomings of the existing socialist regime were compensated by the atmosphere of outspokenness and confidence, mutual help and kindness which we had in our student group and in the students hostel (5/2 Mytninskaya naberezhnaya we had the site of the Neva river and the Winter Palace from our windows). I would say I already had some background from my school. I started writing poetry at 12 and later short stories and scripts. At the University I discovered in different way the world of art and philosophy. In 1973 I went to Poland as a member of a building squad. The trip to Poland helped me find out that the socialism in Poland and USSR was different. I developed critical thinking but I have never been a dissident.

I graduated from the University in 1974 and went to Tyumen where I started teaching History, Philosophy, Aesthetics, History of World religion and Sociology at Tyumen Art College. The wide variety of subjects I taught demanded not just intellectual efforts. I looked for the suitable methodic and choose the personality oriented one which gave the opportunity to develop students potential. I tried to embody the principles of dialogical intercource. I have published some of my abstractions in scholar magazines ("you can't learn the philosophy"- in Pedagogical technology N2- 2007- Moscow)

I became a Honoured teacher of the Russian Federation in 2002. I share the recognition of my merits with all my school and university teachers, colleagues, friends.

I am happy for not being restricted with my teaching career. I have a family- my daughter and a husband are still essential parts of my life. Plus books, music, mountains, creative people. Career and honours have never been of great importance to me. Love and cognition, creativity and sociability have always been the important things for me.

All my strides to this level are devoted to the cherished memory of my parents Alexandr Bykov and Zoya Bykova who passed away in 2005.